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Back To School

School Classroom Hand Sanitizer
School Safety

We’ve all experienced the anticipation of back-to-school time as children. The thrill of the new and unknown, combined with a bit of dread and a new pair of sneakers. I’m sure we can all agree that this year, the unknown is all but exciting.

There is much to be decided about how schools will resume amid the novel corona-virus pandemic, though most Conroe ISDs have made the decision to begin the school year on August 12, 2020, with ALL students in Remote/Online Instruction only. Traditional In-Person Instruction is scheduled to begin no earlier than September 8, 2020. In September, they plan to offer In-Person instruction, five days a week with additional health and safety precautions.

  • If a positive case is identified for a school participant (student or employee), the District will identify and notify any individuals who had regular or close contact with the affected participant. This may include the entire class (students, teachers, staff). These individuals will be required to quarantine for 14 days before returning to in-person school.

  • If a positive case is identified in a campus or District facility, all campus and/or facility participants will receive written notification.

In light of the new reopening policies, parents should consider technological and ergonomic additions to the household. With the possibility of schools remaining closed, now may be the time to up-size your current home or office space to adapt to a constantly changing situation.

Let's try to honor and support those who are teaching our students in and out of the classroom this upcoming school year!

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